Helping farmers stay on the land when disaster strikes.


Farming is a high stakes calling, largely dependent upon unpredictable elements like weather. For many, the margins are often so thin that one catastrophe can be all that stands between continuing to farm and going out of business. With every farm that disappears, we jeopardize our nation’s food security and access, and risk losing our valuable green space to development. In addition to feeding their communities and serving as stewards of the land, farms are also valuable assets to the regional economy, through farm-to-table events, agri-tourism, You-Pick operations, and more.

When disaster strikes, the time it takes to get aid can be crucial to a farm’s recovery. The goal of Rootstock is to grow an emergency fund that farmers can access in time of crisis, allowing them to continue to operate without losing precious time to plant, cultivate, or harvest while other lasting sources of aid are arranged.

Photo by Bittersweetmusik

Photo by Bittersweetmusik

Rootstock Festival - MAY 12, 2018

Thanks to all who came out on a rainy Saturday afternoon to support Rootstock! We were so inspired by the generosity and good vibes that warmed the Red Barn from inside out on a dreary day! Even more recently, we are deeply saddened by the devastation of several farms very close to home that were affected by Tuesday's storm, which spawned several tornadoes and macrobursts and destroyed young crops, fruit trees, and greenhouses. Extreme weather events like this were the inspiration for Rootstock's founding, and sadly, are something we can only expect to increase in frequency and severity in the future. This has been a truly challenging week for local farmers and has served as a sobering reminder of why we do this. We are inspired, grateful, humbled, and saddened all at once, but are more committed to our mission than ever.

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